ZD-400 oil purifier

ZD-400 of integrated electrostatic ion type

ZD-400 oil purifier -

Control Panel & Electric Tank

  • Length : 330mm
  • Width : 500mm
  • Height : 637mm
  • Weight : 80Kg
  • Main Power : 3Ø 380/440V 50-60Hz (optional)
  • Pump capacity : Trochoid Pump 4.5(L/min) (optional)
  • Dust collector material : 100% pulp
  • Collector : Porous fibers

Micro Filter Tank

  • Specification : 150A pipe(603mm)
  • Weight : 15Kg
  • Filter : 1 Stage Filter type(Galvalume 1350Mesh / Paper)
  • Conventional filter type purifiers were unable to remove foreign substances below 5 micron (up to 0.05), whereas ZD series eliminates extremely infinitesimal particles of pollutant (below NAS 7 level) and reduces them to clean oil. As a result, various impurities that speed oil oxidation, below 5 micron, are eliminated in advance. According to the statistics, the oil purifier could not only prolong the service life of oil but save oil and electricity by 90% and 15% respectively, reduce failure rate by 70%, and decrease machine abrasion. By making use of the equipment, you could obviously not only save energy but reduce cost.
  • The equipment together with other facilities conducts purification, which reduces loss of production, improves productivity, and saves labor expenses through automatic functions.
  • Each additive in oil could be free from any negative influences, and the service life of oil could reach seven years.
  • In the process of filtration, oil does not generate bubble, and water separation could reach 20,000 PPM. For filtering oil containing quantities of water, the static oil purifier is equipped with oil-water separator.
  • The circulation mode cleans pipes inside the machine and removes the oil(below 400cst with a 60cst circulation mode) with high viscosity that are unable to be filtered by other oil purifiers.
  • It is simple, convenient and secure to operate the equipment. The filter(SUS 304 1350 Mesh) could be used repeatedly after being cleaned with absorbents.
    The three-phase 220V 200W consumed power could save electricity to a great extent.
  • The annual save of equipment maintenance expense could purchase a new oil purifier.
  • 15-30% equipment maintenance expense, accounting for 1.3% of sales volume, could be saved.
  • The loss caused by the one hour halt of the equipment is equal to the price of a new oil purifier.
  • Lubricant expense can be saved below 0.1% of sales volume.

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